BBQ Chicken Pizza

My husband will tell you that I am a freak about barbecue. And it is completely true by about 137.84%. No wait…137.85%. Yep, that’s accurate now.

I loooove BBQ flavored anything – sandwiches, wraps, baked beans, chips (one of my biggest weaknesses), ice cream….

I had to throw ice cream in there to see if you were paying attention.

Needless to say, pizza is no exception.

I have never actually made a BBQ pizza myself. This may shock you given the emphasis I just made on how much I love it. My husband and I discovered the California Pizza Kitchen frozen BBQ chicken pizzas and were immediately hooked.

For a long time, I thought “You know, that would be so easy to make. I’m going to make a homemade BBQ pizza.” Did I ever do it? Of course not. Until now. And boy oh boy did it ever put that frozen pizza to shame.

It’s super easy and packed with flavor. Here we go…

I used store bought pizza dough but if you were feeling ambitious, you could make your own from scratch. Maybe even put some spices or herbs in it…that would sure be yummy.

Not pictured here is when I brushed the whole crust with a little olive oil to get it to be brown and crispy.

BBQ pizza cannot, I repeat CANNOT have mushy crust. That’s the cardinal rule of BBQ pizza.

In fact, to make sure I didn’t break the cardinal rule, I baked the crust by itself for 10 minutes at 425.

While the crust got a nice summer bronze in the oven, I chopped a couple of green onions.

I felt like livin’ on the edge and chopped some white onion too.

I encourage you to break out of your shell and do the same.

Unless you are not the biggest fan of onions, then you should probably cut back on the onion chopping.

Pop quiz time!

Is this green stuff:

a) a medicinal herb used by the ancient greeks to prevent bad breath

b) green grass cut up to fool everyone into thinking its a necessary ingredient

c) cilantro, an herb commonly found in Mexican dishes and salsas

I know… this is a serious blog, right? Pop quizzes and everything. And you thought you were done with school…

Oh and the answer is C!

I remember a teacher once said of multiple choice tests “When you don’t know the answer, go with ‘C’.”

Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

Chicken! I tried to chop it up pretty small and popped it into this heated pan with a little olive oil.

I added a pinch of salt & pepper. It doesn’t need much seasoning since the other ingredients pack a flavorful punch.

Mmm… a nicely browned crust. I set it aside while I got the toppings ready.

My all-time favorite BBQ sauce. I love it!

Go ahead and slather that golden crust with some tangy BBQ sauce. Use your favorite but I am quite partial to my Head Country sauce. I refuse any other sauce.

Ahh! I’m getting so excited! I could smell the absolutely wonderful aromas already.

I sprinkled on some black beans mostly because we had some in the fridge we needed to use up but they were definitely a nice addition.

Next layer: chicken

Add a strategic amount of mozzarella cheese in which you cover the pizza with a decent amount of cheese but also leave enough for you to sneak several bites.

Pop the pizza back into the oven for approximately 7-9 minutes or so to melt the cheese and heat up the toppings.

This looked and smelled FANTASTIC and when I say fantastic, I mean FANTASTIC. Is that too much emphasis?

At this point I was dancing around my kitchen celebrating this culinary beauty.

I’m telling you I snapped this quick pic and that slice was gone like yesterday.

And the next slice and the next slice…

That pizza did not survive the night.

Ok actually I forgot two slices made it out alive and were turned into the next day’s lunch.

I hope you love it as much as I did!

Happy chowing,

The BBQ obsessed girl


7 thoughts on “BBQ Chicken Pizza

  1. dalynncook

    Ummm… We’ve created a monster. This is Matt’s favorite meal. FAVORITE. It comes up in conversation at least 3 times a week. I’m pretty sure he would eat it every night if I made it.

    1. recipeornot Post author

      Haha! YES! I love that I’ve created a monster!

      In fact, Matt’s enthusiasm is contagious and now I’m craving some BBQ pizza. It’s a vicious delicious cycle I tell you.

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