Honey Mustard Chicken Bites

It doesn’t get easier than this… unless you have an Easy button.

Even if you did have an Easy button I don’t think these tasty chicken bites from Campbells Kitchen could reach a higher level of simplicity.

Walk with me and I’ll show you…

First, we must prep “the station” and set the oven at 400 degrees.

You’ll need some stuffing and/or seasoned bread crumbs. This stuffing could have been a little bit finer but I thought it would defeat the purpose of this easy recipe by adding an extra step.

I would suggest finding a smaller package of stuffing, if possible. I had enough stuffing left over for three Thanksgivings and a Christmas.

Next, a nice drizzling of honey mustard salad dressing goes in a separate bowl.

I mean what would a title be without the very ingredient it suggests?

That would be preposterous.

I simply cannot have preposterousness on my blog.

I give you… “the station.”

Remember how I said I can’t have preposterousness on my blog? Wellll… I take it back – I forgot to tell you about the chicken!

Which is also clearly stated in the title. Slap my wrist please.

All you need to do with the chicken is chop it into bite size pieces about an inch or so.

I hope you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Dunk the chicken niblits into the honey mustard dressing…

… then into the bread crumbs and onto the pan.

Easy peasy.

Into the oven they go for 15 minutes.

Yep, that’s really all it takes. 15 minutes.

The same amount of extra sleep I wish for every morning. “Pleaseeee just 15 more minutes.”

And voila, ripe for the tasting.

Serve ’em as an appetizer, make ’em as a snack, or…

Throw ’em on a salad like I did! It made for a super easy weeknight dinner.


See the full recipe here.

Leave a comment with other ways to serve these!

Eat up,



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