Ravioli with Bacon, Spinach, & Apple

One day at lunch last week I went scouring through recipes looking for easy recipes that would also interest my taste buds.

I’ve found that many times a recipe will be super duper easy but be super duper lacking in any kind of remotely interesting flavor.

Sooo… via my quest, I came across this recipe from Women’s Day and, as I’m sure you’ve already noted, the title had an interesting combo of ingredients.

I decided to see if this recipe could prove itself.

Here’s the result:

With cheesy ravioli being the main ingredient, this recipe is probably not necessarily the healthiest but it sure is good comfort food after a crazy day.

To somewhat healthify it, I would watch portion size and add double the spinach & apple which we’ll get to in a bit.

Healthify? Please excuse my word creations, I can’t help myself.

Just follow the cooking instructions on the back of the ravioli package.

Ok, moving on…

Baaaaccccoooonnnn. The only ingredient people really care about. Or maybe that’s just me.

This is actually turkey bacon, which is another way you could cut some fat and calories.

Get that bacon sizzlin’ then remove it from the skillet/pan/whatever-you-want-to-use.

I think my brain was on a coffee break when I took this picture because, while a lovely little apple, I guess I forgot to show that it needs to be chopped. Whoops.

I chopped it moderately finely, if that makes any kind of sense. Let’s hope I have a glimpse of the apple in one of the next few pictures.

I would definitely chop at least two apples minimum. One didn’t quite cut it.

Using the same pan/pot/dish/skillet/grill saute some garlic in olive oil for just a minute or two.

Ah-ha! It’s the apple choplings! I knew I had a picture somewhere. Just chop ’em as fine as you like, never mind all that ‘moderately finely’ jargon mentioned earlier.

Mix up the garlic and apple, add a dash of salt and pepper, and let it sizzle for a minute or two.

Chop or tear up the bacon and throw it as well as some spinach leaves on the sizzling pile.

I would recommend more spinach than this.

Despite having a cooking blog, I have a measurement aversion because I just grabbed a handful of spinach and threw it on without checking the recipe… which I’m pretty sure calls for more than this.

I added more later.

And last but not least, besides moving this mixture to the ravioli, squeeze some lemon juice onto the pile and stir it around for a New York minute.

Ok, now throw it all together!

Like biting into one of those chocolates from a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day box, I really didn’t know what to expect on the first bite and was slightly hesitant.

Fortunately, it didn’t turn out like picking one of those funky chocolates whose filling you can’t identify.

In my opinion, it was a new and interesting salty/sweet combo I quite enjoyed.

Aaaand… it is husband approved. :)

I’m interested to see what other people think so please leave a comment and let me know!

I hope I didn’t scare you away with the chocolate box reference.

Print the full recipe here.

Hope you like it!



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